Alliance Consulting is a retainer-based executive search firm. We are experts recruiting across fixed income, equity, structured finance, foreign exchange and derivative products.

Every search has its own unique specifications. To achieve optimal results, we have developed a comprehensive retainer-based approach and disciplined methodology to executive search. Our process is centered on the specific needs of our client.

Our expertise in recruiting in global markets enables us to work skillfully with the professional considerations each individual encounters when making a career change. Over the years we have positioned hundreds of top caliber professionals. In addition, we have provided valuable consulting to clients on organizational problems and business opportunities.

Our pricing is very competitive (modified retainer). We price our up front fees to suit the requirements of the project. Factors taken into consideration are:

  • Managerial responsibility, compensation level and title of each position
  • Flexibility to structure position parameters
  • The compensation parameters relative to competitive market levels
  • Ease of access to the appropriate candidates
  • The size of the potential candidate pool
  • Perception of the client firm and department within the market
  • Relative attractiveness of the position to prospective candidates

To hire Alliance Consulting or to learn more about our firm, please contact us by:

    Emailing a brief position description including contact information to: or,

    Contact our President, Paul M. Sorbera directly at 212-843-5700.


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